Benefits of Pet Turf on Decks That Will Make You and Your Pup Happy

November 30, 2023

Any Dallas, TX, dog owner knows that having a pup in the house means having plenty of messes to clean up. From muddy paws to digging holes, a canine companion can wreak havoc on your outdoor space. Luckily, there’s a way to create a puppy-friendly landscape without all the maintenance and mess.

Pet-friendly synthetic grass installation can help you transform your existing outdoor deck and create a beautiful space that is both aesthetically pleasing and dog-friendly. If you’re considering adding evergreen, low-maintenance pet turf to your deck or balcony, here are some of the benefits that will make you and your pup happy.

Perfect for Potty Time

If you live in a condo or townhouse where outdoor space is limited, taking your pets outside to go to the bathroom can be a challenge. Going up and down the elevators or hunting down the nearest patch of grass on your street can be inconvenient for both you and your pet. By installing synthetic pet turf  on your back deck or patio, however, potty breaks can be just a few quick steps away.

Since artificial turf can be installed on concrete or wood and comes with an efficient drainage system for flushing away liquids, your deck can quickly become a convenient and safe space for your pet to do their business. It can eliminate the need for pet pads or litter boxes and make potty breaks exponentially easier for you and your four-legged friends.

Best of all, the area is easy to keep clean. It requires minimal maintenance, and the efficient drainage grid will flush away urine and odors in just a matter of minutes. Simply rinse the area down with a hose for a few seconds each day, and pick up solid waste as you would normally.

Safe and Non-Toxic

One of the biggest concerns for pet owners is the safety of their furry friends. Traditional decks made of wood or concrete can be harsh on your pet’s paws, and the chemicals required to paint or seal the area can expose them to toxic chemicals.

With synthetic grass, on the other hand, you can provide a soft and cushioned surface for your pet to walk, run, and play on. SGW Dallas’ turf grass is completely lead-free, non-toxic, and safe for all pets, so you can have peace of mind that your pet will be happy and healthy while at play on your deck.

Durable for Rough Play

Speaking of play, pets are full of energy, and they need a space to release all of it. A deck covered with SGW pet turf is the ideal solution for pet play time, as the durable material is designed to withstand heavy use each day.

SGW Dallas artificial grass is triple-reinforced with our signature tuft bind technology, so each grass blade can withstand thousands of pounds of pull force without coming loose from the backing. This means that no matter how rough your pups play, you can rest assured that your deck will look lush, full, and well-maintained all year long.

Enhances the Look of Your Deck

Even if your pets have plenty of space to run and play in your yard, synthetic grass can still quickly and cost-effectively transform the appearance of a deck that otherwise looks worse for wear.

If your deck needs an upgrade, has peeling paint, or otherwise has seen better days, installing artificial grass on top can easily remodel the structure and ensure it looks stunning for everyone who uses it, animal or human.

If you need guidance in choosing the right pet turf for your next project, speak to your installer or contact your local SGW Dallas location. We can help you find the perfect wholesale synthetic grass products for your home or business. SGW Dallas has been an industry leader for more than 20 years, helping distributors, installers and homeowners alike with all their artificial grass installation needs. To find out more about artificial grass wholesale or to receive guidance with your next turf grass installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse facility tod

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