Which Surfaces Are the Best for Artificial Grass Installations?

October 30, 2023

Synthetic grass is one of the most versatile landscaping solutions on the market. Whether you want to create a lush backyard paradise or a durable athletic facility, artificial turf can do it all. However, while turf grass can generally be installed anywhere, there are certain surfaces that are more conducive to synthetic grass installations than others. If you’re thinking of switching to turf for your property or have been hired for a renovation, these are the top three surfaces recommended for artificial grass installations.


The most common and the best surface for artificial grass installations is soil. It’s a natural, affordable, and versatile option that will be found in most residential and commercial properties. Since soil serves as the base for natural grass landscapes, artificial grass installed on top of soil is virtually indistinguishable from natural grass, giving your lawn a lush and realistic appearance.

Installing artificial grass on soil is, luckily, very easy. Since the ground is already in place, all you need to do is smooth and compact the soil to create a level installation area. If needed, fill in any holes to avoid wrinkling or moving after installation.


Hardscaping refers to bricks, pavement, or wood — generally, any hard landscape material. This option is best for areas that have high foot traffic since the hard surface provides greater support and stability over time. It’s also a great option for property owners who want to cover their existing patio or hardscaped surfaces with synthetic grass for a more vibrant landscape.

If installing turf grass on a wooden surface, make sure to seal the wood before proceeding with the project. This prevents any moisture from draining through and rotting the wood underneath. If installing your wholesale synthetic turf on brick or tile pavers, fill in any cracks or other uneven areas to prevent this texture from becoming visible through the turf over time.

Elevated Concrete Surfaces

For those who live in downtown cities or have limited outdoor space, elevated concrete surfaces, such as balconies or rooftops, are a popular option for artificial grass installations. These concrete surfaces make a suitable sub-base for synthetic turf as long as adequate drainage is properly installed.

By installing your synthetic grass on top of concrete, you can create a functional balcony or a rooftop garden. Even your furry friends can enjoy the outdoors without you needing to walk them outside the building, which is a major draw for many apartment owners and city dwellers.

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