Ensure You’re Maximizing Your Putting Green Turf’s ROI With These 5 Features

June 30, 2023

As Phoenix homeowners seek to elevate their space, a backyard putting green with synthetic turf serves as a perfect way to add functionality and personalization to one’s space. A top-notch synthetic grass putting green installed with the finest quality materials and unparalleled quality can transform your residential property into an inviting space for entertaining and spending time with loved ones. 

However, for your backyard putting green to be worthwhile, it shouldn’t be constructed with just any turf on the market. To perform well and last for years to come, putting green turf should be of a high caliber and engineered to meet the following criteria. 

Ensure That Your Synthetic Turf is Durable

Your putting green will most likely experience a fair amount of foot traffic as people walk to and from the hole. Whether you’re engaging in a friendly game or practicing solo, a putting green will also experience repetitive hits from the putter. Synthetic grass designed with durability in mind will resist the typical wear and tear that would cause bald spots and divots in the green.

Drainage Is Key

Any variety of synthetic turf should be engineered to withstand proper drainage in case water were to collect on top of your backyard putting green for extended periods. Artificial putting green turf in Phoenix that is unequipped for proper drainage will have a shorter lifespan than synthetic turf specifically crafted to facilitate water flow. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, our professional artificial turf is built with efficient drainage in mind to prolong the life of your Phoenix, AZ, synthetic grass putting green. 

Install a Weed Barrier

When unwanted weeds pop up on an otherwise pristine lawn, it can ruin the entire aesthetic. To prevent this from happening, your synthetic turf company should install a fabric weed barrier. This will effectively stop weeds from taking root, even when neighboring natural grass lawns experience a weed infestation. 

Don’t Forget About Infill

To elevate the durability of your synthetic grass putting green, quality infill should be used during artificial grass installation to keep the synthetic grass blades standing upright even after enduring high levels of foot traffic. Even during extreme weather conditions, a premier infill will hold down artificial turf in Phoenix.  

The best infill needs to add weight to your turf, be engineered with state-of-the-art anti-microbial technology, and hold the shape of the artificial grass. SGW Phoenix’s Envirofill helps prevent mold or mildew growth on your synthetic turf putting green and delays the deterioration of your Phoenix artificial turf putting green, ensuring that it provides enjoyment to you and your loved ones for years to come. 

The Importance of UV Protection

Ultraviolet light from the sun can damage fabrics and fixtures, and synthetic turf is no exception. The color and quality of your Phoenix putting green synthetic turf can be extended when engineered to protect grass from overheating and its hue from fading or bleeding. Artificial turf from SGW Phoenix is specifically manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions, including the sun’s harmful UV rays, so that your synthetic turf putting green will stay vibrant longer. 

High-Quality Synthetic Putting Green Turf in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art synthetic grass wholesaler to help fulfill your putting green dreams, SGW Phoenix is here to help. As the top supplier and wholesaler of artificial grass in the Phoenix region, we’re eager to help our valued clients find synthetic grass solutions that meet their needs. If you’re looking to learn more about installing a synthetic turf putting green in your outdoor space, contact SGW Phoenix today via our online contact form or call us at 800-571-1018 to schedule your free consultation today! 

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