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Just like the best-looking home is nothing without a solid foundation, the same can be said for high-quality artificial grass – even the best synthetic turf is only as good as its backing. Backing is what keeps turf blades together and facilitates drainage after installation. It’s a common belief that all turf backing is created equal – however, as you’ll find out while shopping for artificial grass products, you’ll see that statement is clearly not true.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the latest in artificial turf backing technology; in this resource page, we’ll highlight three of our leading backing technologies and demonstrate why we are the trusted source in artificial grass manufacturing and distribution.

13 Pic & 15 Pic Backing

Possibly the most commonly-used form of turf backing in the industry, we stitch together two layers of backing with varying degrees of tightness in each layer’s weaving. The result is reinforced protection and drainage of a minimum of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard!

Homes that don’t see a lot of rainfall throughout the year will benefit from 13 Pic & 15 Pic backing. SGW products that feature 13 Pic & 15 Pic backing include:

K29 Triple-Layered Backing

K29 backing has quickly become the newest standard throughout the entire artificial grass industry. K29 is used in residential and sports turf applications thanks to its unrivaled ability to stabilize artificial grass after installation. At SGW, we utilize a triple-layered backing, outperforming the dual-layered backing you’d find elsewhere.

Our K29 backing places a layer of polyester between two layers of polypropylene, preventing liquid absorption during drainage. By utilizing our triple-layered backing technology, your artificial grass is guaranteed to stay in place and keep your turf fibers standing upright, perfect for avid golfers looking for the ideal backyard putting green!

You can find our K29 triple-layered backing in many of our artificial grass products:

K29 Quad-Layer Action Backing

If you need high-performance backing with maximum drainage, our K29 quad-layer action backing is the solution you’re looking for. We’ve taken our standard triple-layer K29 backing and added an additional layer for increased drainage at a rate of 400 inches per hour per square yard.

Whether you need cleanup after heavy partying, maintenance for your dog runs or simply want something to keep up with your busy children; this backing is ready to exceed your expectations. Check out these fantastic synthetic grass products to see the K29 quad-layer action backing at work!

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